Kejoo Park

The painter Kejoo Park embodies Eastern and Western culture: born in Korea, she studied painting and landscape architecture in the United States, and has been living in the Switzerland and Germany for many years. Kejoo Park names dualities as the determining factor in her work, forming a unified entity through their interdependencies: On a number of different levels, she focuses on the contrasting areas of "inner - outer", ‘’apparence and reality’’ , “Stillness and bustle” and synthesizes them into a harmonious unity in a virtuoso complexity.





2019 Reisen, Galerie Rieder, München, Germany
2018 Zusammenspiel
, Galerie Artstation, Zürich, Germany
  Gallery Huebner & Huebner, Frankfurt Germany (January 2017)
2017  Gallery Rieder, München, Germany
2017  Stadtgalerie Bad Soden, Germany
2017  Galerie am Hirschengraben, Zürich, Switzerland
2016  International Contemporary Art Fair Zürich, Switzerland
2016  Galerie Anna 25, Berlin, Germany
2016  Galerie Tuttiart Luzern, Switzerland
2015  Galerie Hübner & Hübner Frankfurt, Germany
2014  Artistic Intervention / Exhibition at the Ludwig Collection, Ludwig Museum Koblenz, Germany
1990- 2014  Numerous international Landscape projects in Switzerland, China and Germany
1985-1990  Group and Solo Exibitions in New York, Zürich,  Switzerland, Konstanz, Germany

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